Friday, April 27, 2007


So what the hell is Permaculture?
'You could say it's a rational man's approach to not shitting in his bed.
But if you're an optimist, you could say it's an attempt to actually create a Garden of Eden. Or, if you're a scientist, you could liken it to a miraculous wardrobe in which you can hang garments of any science or any art and find they're always harmonious with, and in relation to, that which is already hanging there. It's a framework that never ceases to move, but that will accept information from anywhere.
It's hard to get your mind around it - I can't. I guess I would know more about permaculture than most people, and I can't define it.'
Bill Mollison interviewed.
You can find the whole interview at

I myself cannot define permaculture, everytime I try to explain it I use different words, it just comes out differently every time. Yet, it sounds so logical to me, that I tend to think it is as logical to everyone else. I really like the not shitting in our bed definition, it just sums up the yararayara and puts it simply and bluntly.

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Pradip Somasundaran said...

Hey dari Bari! Great to see your Blog! Been almost 4 years since we met in Ren-2003! Hope u remember me..Am Pradip...the singer from India...Nice to know about Permaculture Bari...How are you?
I too have a music blog full of my creep in when u find time...yaar...bye..