Saturday, February 6, 2010

San Luis

I just came back from the desert and the old mining town of Real de catorce in San Luis Potosi. It`s beautiful and magic, pictures speak for themselves.

Friday, January 29, 2010

the chanclaveloz comeback

I can't believe almost a year has passed and I didn`t write anything or uploaded any pics... Well I`m back (after I lost all my fans for sure.
This is my brand new little house, a dream come true, an continuous satisfaction. Every morning I wake up, look around and feel happy to be inside
this round, warm structure.

It seemed to hard a task but with Balen (the French, super skillful bright man who came to stay to the farm) and many other hands the dome is up and running. About 50 days of work over a period of 4 months, dozens of helping hands, the Bidi Dome is a living example of good permaculture design and joint work.

It has solar passive heating and passive cooling systems, and it works perfectly!, it`s comfortable and welcoming. It has a rainwater collection tank and a small garden.

Here in the pics you can see part of the building process and how it looks now that it´s finished.

Welcome home