Sunday, September 21, 2008


we just put together the aluminum pipes that will be my new home (yeiiiii!)

We prepared the pieces from existing pipes and put together 2 geodesic domes

We cut, flatened the ends, drilled holes, made an angle and removed sharp edges for 130 pieces.

We put together two 2v geodesic domes, each one is 4.5 m in diameter and consists of 65 pieces.

It only takes a few friends

and sooner than you think

taraaaaaan one dome is up!

And everyone is on top, it's one of the strongest structures that exist

And sooner than you know
Second dome is up!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mouth revolution y pulgarcitos

La moutholucion, the mouth revolution es un corto de free range studios que va a dejarlos boquiabiertos

Y pa curiosidades chequense estos pulgares, tres personas con estos dedos coincidieron en un mismo lugar, yo nunca me habia fijado que existen pulgares como estos