Thursday, February 14, 2008


I have been out of sight for a while, thank you to all of you who visited and were waiting for my whereabouts.

I made it to the Andaman Islands, for months I have been dreaming about them, I partly stayed longer in India because of the Andaman. For almost 3 weeks I spent most of my time by the beach or on a boat, barefoot and wearing a swimming suit most of the time, doing the things that make me happy. I slept on sand, leaves, concrete, on a hammock and I think only once on a bed. I ate coconut like never before, I snorkeled almost everyday and saw soooo many pretty fish and coral, I did 2 dives and saw a white tip shark.

I got to the Andaman by boat, a 3 night pleasant journey on bunk class but with the ship half empty it was a nice ride (I have heard horror stories about full, crowded, stinky ship rides). I met some grrrreat people on the boat and we all went camping together, Corinna, Peer, Janine and Andy made the place not only beautiful but fun. It was actually my first time camping for many days and inspite of a few days with some rain it was fantastic. The combination of lush thick rain forests, white sand and turquoise water make these islands a beautiful place. The pictures speak for themselves I guess.

There are still many places I didn't visit (like the tribal areas that you are not allowed to as a foreign tourist) but I am glad I got to see these islands now thet they are relatively untouched, there are many tourists but no big hotel chains, very few vehicles, no banks (except for the capital, Port Blair), and sometimes, more coconuts around than people.