Monday, October 8, 2007

India, which country

Even before I arrived to India (2 days ago), I knew I would get the same questions everywhere: which country you from? what is your good name? you like India? which currency in your country? I am still answering the truth but I might start making up stories about myself pretty soon (although they probably still tell me nooo, you from Israel yes? I apparentlly look more and more Israeli by the minute).

I met Yael my good friend and we are now on the road, Rajastan now and going north soon.

We are in Pushkar to be specific, where you can find falafel, tahina and hummus in every second restaurant and where people in the street call me 'taltalim' (curls in hebrew).

Here's a few pics from Jaipur, the place with the most suicidal drivers I have ever seen and with the largest movie theater in India (where people clap and whistle when they like what's going on in the film) we watched a 3 hour film in Hindi and was fun, also from Amber fort.


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