Friday, August 10, 2007

Lotan Lotan

After 5 months I went back to Lotan, it felt like I never left, it felt kind of like coming back home.
Lotan was after all the beginning of a new path for me and for many others; it was the spark that initiated Yesh Me'ain, the farm we are starting in Nahalal.

It's all the same back in Lotan and it's all different at the same time, the Bustan Neighborhood for the Green Apprenticeship students is on its way and it is so good o see it finally coming along.

Enough said here's some pics. Notice the beautiful mud work (including the tourism area), and the beautiful people.


Harry Papaley said...

que chido

strika said...

Qué chido, Melanis!
Oye, ¿recibiste los mails con las fotos?