Monday, July 23, 2007


The natural law of impermanence. Everything changes all the time, and this is what we must understand according to the Vipassana thinking (and other Buddhist approaches) in order not to suffer, not to get attached to things or to people. It's easier said than done, we tend to cherish certain things or moments or periods of time and it's just hard to let go. Time surely helps, but it requires a lot of practice to get to this detachment and to truly understand that everything changes and it is truly OK.
So in the spirit of reminiscing about good times (not that the present is not it's just different) here is some pictures of the girls I have live with for the past months, the girls who made yesh me'ain (this farm) the place that it is now. Merav, Maya and Yael.


JUan Carlos said...

from Peru.I took de vipassana course here in Lima and i understood the meanning of anitcha inside my body. It was the most wonderful experience i have with my body..Then i could understand the really meaning of this universe law anitcha the constantly impermanence of the things and with the body too.that we're energy vibrations and all the manifestations of our condicionament came of the mind that is the most powerful part of the body.Blessings..Peace....Love.

Anonymous said...

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