Tuesday, October 28, 2008

News from the farm 4

As many other people in the region we picked our olives and cured them, winds of the fall and beautiful clouds started to appear in the horizon and these last few days it already feels like winter, it's raining a lot (thank god) and it's cold.

We are kind of ready, the kitchen and all the furniture is inside the "Center", yes we have walls and windows and doors and have a big living room now.

Ilai is putting up the roof for his house

We cannot catch as much rainwater as we would like bot we have already collected a very good amount that we are using to prepare mud for the walls. We have still a lot of plastering ahead of us but the fact that the building is standing brings a sense of comfort and security.

We are a bigger group living at the farm now and it feels great, it reminds me how important the force of many is, and how rewarding (and also difficult) it is to live in community.

We have a lot more mud on the way and need to finish before the winter really comes, so if u are reading this and are close come and give us a hand, it is as fun as it looks.


Strika said...

No, pos no estoy nada cerca como para ir a echarles una mano, mi querida Melanis.

En cuanto a la entrada de mi blog, ya te contesté ahí, pero igual aclaro: No creo que sea extremista cultivar verduras para el autoconsumo. Pienso que los extremistas son quienes se vuelven obsesivos y ya no quieren comer nada cuyo origen no puedan controlar o supervisar. Tanta rigidez no puede ser buena. Por lo demás, es mi sueño poder tener mi huerto y cultivar mis verduras (ese sueño fue, en gran parte, motivado por la visita que te hicimos el año pasado).
Un beso y que sigas disfrutando.

Harry Papaley said...

esta super, esperamos ir pronto!